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The player 2015
6.5 of 76

The player

HD 7.00 60 min
Alex Kane is a master security expert, who lives in Las Vegas and is respected by his clients for his expertise and professionalism. His previous career as an intelligence operative and FBI agent ended badly, when he was sent on one secret mission too many and began to enjoy shooting the bad guys a bit too much. Eventually, he himself got shot on a mission and a pretty young doctor, Virginia "Ginny" Lee, who took care of him while he was recuperating, gave him a reason to leave the life of danger and death behind. They soon got married, but eventually divorced and remained on good terms. Just as they're about to rekindle their relationship, a masked man shoots her and tries to kill Alex. Alex fights him off and chases after him. Just as he's about to take the attacker out, Alex is hit by a car driven by a mysterious blond, who takes him to the high tech office of secretive and laconic Mr. Johnson. He's sort of a pit boss, who runs a highly secretive and illegal game of chance, where a selected player, usually a former special ops or intelligence agent, must prevent a crime Mr. Johnson and his feisty blond assistant and key operative Cassandra King predict. The filthy rich know about the game and bet on the player's chances of success. To predict crimes, a highly sophisticated intelligence system is used. It analyzes enormous amounts of data collected through spying, public surveillance and hacking and concludes through background analysis and statistical probability, who and when plans to commit a crime or finds those that did and are about to do it again. Alex is offered a choice to become the player and save lives as well as learn why he and his late wife were attacked, while Mr. Johnson's clients enjoy their twisted high rollers game. During missions, Alex gets all the help he needs from Cassandra and the game's unfathomably powerful intelligence system, but can't call the police or anyone else for help. He keep his normal life in-between missions (aka bets), but he also must keep the existence of the game a secret under threat of death, even though his hacker friend Donovan, his ex-sister in law's good but rebellious teen daughter Dani, who sees him as a father figure, and his old friend, a suspicious Las Vegas Police Detective Cal Brown, want to know if he's in some sort of trouble. Alex soon begins to suspect that his ex-wife was not actually killed by the shooter, Cassandra shows signs that she may not be doing her job completely willingly and Mr. Johnson may not be as apathetic as he usually seems. Can Alex beat the odds enough times to get to the truth about his ex-wife and escape the game?


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